About Us

Clay Tiles are Globally accepted as Eco-Friendly Tile Variant. Leading the Clay Tile industry by design, innovation and manufacturing of quality tiles. Nowadays all over the world demand for environmentally friendly terracotta tiles is very high. We Shiam Tile Works from southern part of India manufacturing good quality tile products like Teracotta Tiles, Weather Proof Tiles, Decorative Tiles, Elevative Tiles, Cooling Tiles, Water Proof Tiles using well scientifically analysed clay.

  • Used as Weather Proofing Tiles for long life of the building
  • Manufactured using Clay for better eco friendly environment
  • Highly Porous(Absorbs Water from Concrete and evaporates)
  • Very Bad Conductor of Heat(Acts as a Thermal Insulator)
  • High Strength(Processed under 1000 degree Celcius)
  • Prevents radiations and always keeps the room Cool
  • Clay Tiles are advised on Medical Point of